Violence promoting, police hating, Antifa nut is long neck Professor at John Jay College


A professor with an unusually long neck at John Jay college in New York City is a violence promoting, police hating, murder promoting “Antifa” member.

In a completely useless statement by Karol V. Mason, the President of John Jay college, she wrote a whole bunch of words that said pretty much nothing at all. The professor gained notoriety after giving a silly interview on Tucker Carlson and tweeting that as an “Antifascist” he was proud to teach “future dead cops”. His twitter account was full of violence and hatred for police officers. And as of now the professor still has a job there. If you read Karol V. Mason’s full statement, it says at the end that faculty of the college had received threats so they decided to place Michael Isaacson on administrative leave while they “investigate”. So basically, if faculty had not received any threats, the violent professor would still be teaching and not on any administrative leave. Horrible. The NYPD is rightfully demanding for his resignation. How would you like it if someone was calling for your death just because of your occupation?

Michael Isaacson must be scary to be around in person, because a former student of his at John Jay college expressed “genuine fear” of him.

And what is wrong with his neck? Is it normal for a human to have a neck so long? I’ve never seen a neck like that in my life.

A former student of the crazy professor expressed a “genuine fear” of him:

And here is a reaction video of the nutty professor’s interview with Tucker Carlson. The first thing this man points out is the long neck.