President of Poland joins fight against fake news after mainstream media caught lying again

The lying corporate owned mainstream media, with a clear anti-Trump and  pro-Deep State agenda, was caught yet again sending out more fake news. In the age of social media and everyone having cameras on cell phones, you just can’t get away with lying anymore, mainstream media. It’s surprising you haven’t realized that now, with the amount of  blatant lies and biased edits you have been caught in lately. So just stop. Start telling real news or get out of the business. The mainstream media is a complete embarrassment.

The President of Poland took to Twitter to correct the lies of the mainstream media. Fake News CNN clown Cillizza and Washington Post edited a video to make it look like the wife of the President of Poland didn’t shake Donald Trump’s hand. However, if you watch the full, unedited video, the first lady of Poland did shake Donald Trump’s hand. The mainstream media would never pull this shit with any Deep State puppet President. The Deep State and the media are in bed together, that is clear.  That’s why CNN gave the DNC the election debate questions to give to Hillary Clinton. Talk about colluding. When is the Senate Intelligence Committee going to investigate the DNC and CNN for collusion?   How did they get away with that? They spend 24 hours a day bashing Trump. I’m not even a “Trump lover” I’m more of “political atheist because they all suck” person. I have criticized Trump plenty of times, mainly for going back on his promises as candidate Trump and for hiring Jared Kushner of all people, but the blatant bias and constant ridiculous bashing over every non issue is forcing me to defend Trump simply because am I pro-truth and anti-lies and I have intelligence and can think for myself. What the lying mainstream media is too stupid to realize is that the worse they attack Trump for every non issue such as how many scoops of ice cream he had, that is only making his supporters support him harder. Their unethical actions are backfiring.

Unfortunately for the lying mainstream media, the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda called them out on their fake news and said “Let’s FIGHT FAKE NEWS.” Amen, Mr. Duda, Amen.

This is why people hate you, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media.