Ron Paul and anti-war Americans have no more hope in Trump stopping the endless wars

Candidate Trump talked about how America needs to stop this foreign intervention, empire building and endless wars that it’s been involved in for decades, but especially since Bush the drunk was President.  The vast majority of Americans want the wars to stop. People were pleased that finally, here’s a candidate that will stop the wars that should have never been started in the first place. Iraq and Afghanistan never threatened America, never invaded or attacked America and never even threatened to, but the government, under Bush, decided to bomb the hell out of those countries and gave them bullshit names like Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom. Yeah, US didn’t “free” Iraq, they only made things worse, killed countless innocent people, and created ISIS. 17 years later and Iraq is decimated and large amounts of lithium and opium are still being taken out of Afghanistan by US forces. And nobody can justify to the American people why their sons and daughters are deployed to Afghanistan and why we are spending billions of dollars per day on endless wars while homelessness and poverty in America are increasing.

Today, Trump is supposed to make some kind of announcement on the future of this bullshit 17-years-and-counting Afghanistan war. Afghanistan should have never been invaded and bombed and torn apart in the first place. Afghanistan never posed a threat to America and anyone with any amount of common sense and thinking skills knows this. Candidate Trump would put an end to all of these endless wars and endless foreign intervention around the globe. But candidate Trump is no more. In his place is President Trump, who has little in common with candidate Trump. Candidate Trump called for the swamp to be drained and America wildly agreed with him and couldn’t wait for the swamp to be drained. However, it’s now clear that the swamp is so bad that it can’t be drained. Nobody can drain the swamp. Trump has now surrounded himself with army generals who are foreign intervention loving, empire building war mongers. They will create enemies to go to war with like America has been doing for decades like in Vietnam which never should have happened. The commander-in-chief has not brought troops home, like everyone was hoping he would. Candidate Trump was opposed to intervention in Syria and Afghanistan and said he wanted to know what we’ve been doing in Afghanistan for 17 years. President Trump who’s surrounded by the shadow government war mongers has not brought troops home and has not cancelled any endless wars.

The great mind of Ron Paul who agreed with candidate Trump on his anti-war views has lost all hope about President Trump keeping the promises that candidate Trump made. Ron Paul fears that Trump will announce that he’s sending more troops to Afghanistan, continuing the war mongering and endless war policies that went on during the Bush and Obama administrations.

They got him. The swamp was just too big and dirty to drain. To  be fair to Trump, nobody can drain the swamp. If anyone tries, the swamp monsters will get them. The Deep State has gotten so big, has so much control over all branches of government, that nothing can eradicate it. It’s too big.

I won’t be watching the speech Trump gives tonight. Ron Paul and his guest are afraid Trump will follow the advice of war monger swamp rat H.R. McMaster and the rest of the generals he’s surrounded himself with and send more troops to Afghanistan. For what? Who knows what reason they’ll give, but it won’t be true.

The right thing to do would be to bring all troops home and end this endless stupid bullshit war in Afghanistan once and for all.