Russia has nuclear proof bunkers to hold 125 million, America has none

Russia has built nuclear proof bunkers for it’s citizens that can hold 125 million. Recently, there was a drill where massive amounts of people all over Russia moved into the bunkers. This was a test to see how smoothly and fast the Russian people can get moved into the bunkers in case a war breaks out. If you didn’t know, NATO has deployed it’s troops all along the Russian border, from North to South and have missiles pointed at Russia. Needless to say, this has been freaking out and scaring Russians for a long time. Why would Nato have so many soldiers on it’s border and so many missiles pointed at them? There’s no need for this. There’s not even any need for NATO, since the day the cold war ended. It looks like NATO is trying to intimidate and provoke Russia.

When MILLIONS, 60 million Russian citizens were transported into nuclear proof bunkers, people that learned of this became alarmed. 60 million people is a huge amount. Did this mean Russia was planning on an imminent nuclear war? Was Russia planning to nuke America? It turned out to just be a drill. This may need to happen for real though, so the Russian government wanted to see how smoothly the process went and what improvements could be made to speed up the process. It can’t be easy to round up and transport so many millions of people.

So the Russian government actually cares about it’s people. If all out nuclear war breaks out, we know at least 125 million Russians will survive.

The American government does not care about it’s citizens. America has built no bunkers for it’s citizens to protect them from nuclear war. All of the billionaires and powerful have their bunkers in New Zealand and Colorado, but nothing for the regular people. So if there’s an all out nuclear war it looks like the only people who will survive that and it’s aftermath (no food, no water, disease, etc) will be the billionaires, powerful, rich white evil people that control the world and 125 Million Russians. (Is it possible the Amish have a chance?)

And in an ironic twist, Hillary Clinton helped fund all of the massive nuclear proof bunkers in Russia lol.

Russian ambassador Sergey Lavrov has been asking and pleading with American representatives to get out of Syria and stop arming terrorists to fight in Syria for 2 years now. We all know America has not done so. And America is still in Syria illegally, working with Saudi Arabia, trying to kill Assad and take over Damascus. And America is still provoking Russia and when Russia decides to say enough is enough, watch out.

This article from Jan. 2017 shows how Russia can survive nuclear war.