Saudi Arabia gets a new beheader-in-chief

The King of the crazy wahabi Saudi Arabia where there’s actually a law preventing abused maids from running away, got a new beheader-in-chief.

The King Beheader, King Salman took ruling power away from his nephew and made his 31 year old the new Prince Beheader, in line to the throne.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been an avid supporter on the war in Yemen that’s been going on for 2 years, killing many Yemeni civilians, starving them, and they are also suffering from a big cholera outbreak. The impoverished country of Yemen has been bombed and attacked by Saudi Arabia while the lying mainstream media has completely ignored this because America and Saudi Arabia have been in bed together since a deal was made to make the American dollar the Petro dollar.

America has been assisting the Beheading Kingdom with intelligence on their one sided war with Yemen and Trump has promised to sell them more weapons to kill the impoverished Yemenis with. Senator Rand Paul led a fight to block Trump from selling weapons to the Kingdom of Beheaders, but the Senate blocked it. The Senators are very much in bed with Saudi Arabia. It’s all about money. President Trump has been very close with the Saudi Beheaders since becoming president and Riyadh was the first foreign city that Trump visisted, even though he got into a nasty twitter fight with a Prince Beheader who insulted him while he was running for President.

In Saudi Arabia, you get your head cut off for being gay, for leaving Islam, for insulting Islam or Mohammed and so much more. Slavery and beating your wife is legal however. What a lovely place.