Scumbag Evelyn Rothschild wants to impose his will on Syrians

There’s only 5 countries left in the world that don’t have a Rothschild owned central bank and one of those countries is Syria. The trillionaire criminal banking Rothschild cartel want every country to have a central bank. Because Syria is a small country, unlike China for example, the scummy Rothschilds are demanding that western countries continue the sinister plan to invade Syria and topple the government. Of course they will tell the public that the reason is because the President is a “dictator”. Lies, lies. If the west cared about dictators, they would invade and topple the Saudi Arabian regime for it’s brutal regime. 14 young men who want democracy in Saudi Arabia were arrested and sentenced to beheading just for wanting democracy. So the west can invade Saudi Arabia and kill their monarchy since they care so much about liberating people from brutality. Then, they can kill off the Rothschild banking terrorists for their brutality on the whole planet. So, Russia put a wrench in the plans of the evil men that rule the world. Russia has single handedly stopped America and it’s allies from carrying out the evil plan they hatched for Syria of invading, bombing the shit out of it, killing it’s President, and installing a western puppet leader and Rothschild bank and then telling the same old, same old lame lies like in Libya and Iraq. Russia had stood up for democracy, for Christians and against more western meddling and imperialism.

To Evelyn Rothschilds: STFU and GTFO. Nobody wants your intervention, your meddling or your criminal banking cartel. And if you want Syria invaded so bad, you go to Syria yourself.

Rothschild Demands Western Nations Invade Syria