Shepherd Smith is disturbed our tyrannical government can kill anyone for no reason

While the masses have been distracted, the government has gotten more and more and more tyrannical. The real America founded in 1776 is dead and gone. It’s been taken over by a bunch of psychopaths. The government was set up to be For the People, By the People. But it’s not like that anymore. The government has gotten tyrannical with some super scary, evil plans to kill off a massive amount of the population. The lying mainstream media won’t tell you about it, because if something is important, you won’t see it on the mainstream media. Whatever you don’t hear on the mainstream media is likely the truth because they have no interest in telling you the truth. Official government documents have been out for years now that detail some horrific and scary plans. Shepherd Smith sounded the alarm on just one question by the former FBI director. When asked if the government could kill an American in America, the former FBI director basically said he didn’t know. Shepherd Smith was astonished because the answer obviously should have been HELL NO. What happened to everyone’s right to a trial, legal representation and being innocent until proven guilty? Those are going away fast.