Shepherd Smith isn’t impressed with a moon in front of a sun


The clip was so hilarious that I almost died from laughter and I needed to see more of Shepard’s coverage. Luckily, Fox News decided to make Shepard Smith cover America’s total eclipse of the sun, from Oregon to South Carolina and it was epic. We need more solar eclipses! This needs to happen every single year and Shepard has to cover all of them! I never watch any mainstream media. If I see it, it only comes from clips I see online. Shepard Smith’s total eclipse of the sun coverage was so epic, I had to get more. You can say Shepard is not impressed by the moon covering the sun and doesn’t think it’s a big deal. He also doesn’t like the millennial generation’s complete lack of in person communication skills and is trying to teach them how to communicate in real life. Fox needs to put some Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers with Shepard instead of all of those millennials.

A few of my favorite quotes: “If we were living on other planets and dealing with other stars and trying to do the same thing with a moon… unless all those numbers were the same, it wouldn’t be the same thing.” *Shrugs* “So..”

Reporter Dan in Madras, Oregon: ” Some people have been camping for days and some have traveled days to get here.” Shepard: “They know this is all it’s going to be right? Just a moon over a sun?”

“Some people think we should be taking this more seriously on the twitter.”

“And over at MSNBC it’s just sort of…dark and vacant.”

All I can find now on Youtube is his coverage from 3PM, the tail end of the solar eclipse coverage. There was Shephard’s coverage from earlier in the day which was hilarious but Youtube must’ve removed the account that published it, because unfortunately they are gone.