Angelo John Gage warns everyone to urge Trump to stop the war

Navy Vet Angelo John Gage speaks for every person who’s awake or has an IQ above 34. Are people not understanding what is really going on in the world and the position we are in right now? If things don’t change dramatically and soon, you will all understand real quick.

Americans voted for Trump because he was not one of “them” and he promised to stop the wars and make America great again. However, he has gone back on his promises and is MIA. Someone else is in control of The White House, not Trump. He needs to man up and take control. Be the Commander-in-Chief instead of letting war mongers drive us straight into a full out war with Russia which will then involve Iran, China, NATO and the whole world. Speak out against the escalating war or be part of the problem. #StopTheWar #GetOutOfSyria #DontHelpIsis #KeepYourPromise #WhereIsTrump