Student loans are predatory lending

Below this post is a documentary called “The College Conspiracy”

College used to be for education. Since the government got involved, it’s only about profit. People sign up for college because they were taught that a college degree is required for a good job and good salary. Nobody who enrolls for college understands that they are signing up to be a slave to debt for several years or possibly the rest of their lives. If people understood this, nobody would enroll in college, nobody. Nobody wants to be a slave.

And it’s really not fair for children to be taught that going to college was the smart thing to do for their future only to find themselves shackled in modern day slavery, working like a dog to pay over priced tuition and interest to billionaires.

Tuition costs have skyrocketed. Student loans are ridiculously easy to get. Anyone can get a student loan. A bat shit crazy person who wants to be a power ranger can fill out a form and get a student loan. In my opinion, student loans should be much more difficult to get, so the person taking out the student loans fully understand what they are doing. 4 years or more later, graduates find themselves with an expensive piece of paper and bleak job prospects, except for certain fields. I believe the way this is set up really takes advantage of people. It takes advantage of the naive, the stupid, the crazy, the people who were never taught how to budget, the people who don’t understand the job market, and young people. To me this is just predatory lending.

I have known people with bachelors and masters degrees that deliver pizzas because they couldn’t find a job in their field. They did not spend 5 years in college and rack up a ton of debt to deliver pizzas. There are way more college graduates than there are jobs that require a college degree. The math just doesn’t add up and it’s helping to wreck the economy. There are people that never went to college that have certain skills that make much more than people with masters degrees.

Nobody should go to college unless a degree is required for their career choice such as a nurse for example or unless they have a full scholarship. The ridiculous debt afterwards is not worth it. Not to mention this debt is inescapable. You can not get rid of it. You can’t file for bankruptcy. Those fuckers probably even have a way to contact you in the afterlife to bug you about student loan debt.

It’s unsustainable.

Completely unsustainable.