Antarctica. Operation Highjump

What happened in the 1940’s in Operation Highjump is fascinating. You don’t learn about this in school. Admiral Richard Byrd was in charge. He reported that a flying disc came out of the ice and shot at the navy vessel, wiping out half of the crew and destroying half of the vessel. The loss was so great and so shocking that the US Navy immediately retreated and ran back home. The information obtained from Antarctica during Operation Highjump was classified and remained so for decades. The activity in Antarctica in 2017 has increased dramatically. Just the job opportunities alone have increased by the thousands, including jobs for physical therapists. It’s said that what is under the ice in Antarctica is fascinating and unbelievable. Video #1- The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica from Truthstream Media Video #2- Third Reich Operation UFO. Russian documentary with English subtitles Video #3- Steve Quayle Q-Cast:

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