Get prepared if you have the resources to

Everyone who knows, knows that it’s inevitable. The majority of the population isn’t aware. The savvy minority are. It is blindingly obvious. It has been for years. There are signs, signs, signs, everywhere you look. Unfortunately many people simply can not get prepared because they don’t have the resources to. The hardworking people living paycheck to paycheck, the disabled, the people who depend on social security. Woe are they. And like always, it will be the poor that suffer the most for the sins of the excessively wealthy. Doug Casey has been accurate in many predictions for longer than I’ve been alive. He says it will be the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution. 1. The $ Dollar has been dumped by certain countries and more countries will continue. 2. The US is bankrupt beyond any redemption and the rest of the world knows this and do not trust the

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