CIA predicts population from 324 million to 54 million by 2025

Deagle is known as the mouthpiece for the CIA. It’s a private contractor used by the CIA, because for some reason they need contractors in order to bypass certain legalities. I’m not sure why they care about legalities since their job is crime. Anyway, the Deagle website was updated early August of 2017. They forecast the population as well as other statistics all countries of Earth. It’s interesting to note that they have forecast that the population of America will be at 54 million in 2025. It’s currently at around 324 million. That’s a huge drop. Also, the Deep State has been desperately trying to instigate another world war. Deagle predicts that England, Ireland, Israel and a few European countries take massive drops also, while the rest of the world stays the same.

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