Americans are getting sicker and dying earlier- We know that Bloomberg

From inside the bubble, Bloomberg has finally discovered what those living outside of the bubble have been actually living for years. Americans are getting sicker, dying earlier, and working longer. Yep, it’s nothing new. It’s gotten worse and worse and worse. Yet the dumbass government can send troops to Niger, Mali, Chad, Nigeria to colonize Africa again.  And they can pay rebels to kill Syrians. Good jobs are more difficult to find. Wages are stagnant. Basic living costs keep increasing. More and more people are living in poverty. People are having to work more hours a week and later in life just to pay bills. The quality of life has been dropping like a hot potato for the average American. I say it all the time: This is NOT the country of my grandparents. In those days, anyone with a work ethic could live a decent, comfortable life. And someone

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