How does ISIS “claim responsibility”?

Has anyone ever wondered how ISIS claims responsibility for bombs and whatever else around the globe? It’s not an official group. There’s no headquarters. There’s no president. There’s no spokesman. There’s no public relations firm. And if there were these things, you’d think they’d be bombed. Bombed by Russia that is. But anytime there’s some bomb in Afghanistan or car ramming in Europe, mainstream media is quick to tell everyone that “ISIS has claimed responsibility.” But…HOW did “ISIS” claim responsibility? And WHO claimed responsibility on behalf of ISIS? Who is authorized to speak on behalf on ISIS around the globe? Why is the name of the person who claimed responsibility for ISIS ever released by the mainstream media? Since Langley and the CIA operate ISIS, does someone from the CIA call up CNN to “claim responsibility”? I imagine Joe from the CIA over at Langley calls up CNN and says

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