Anyone who is demonizing Iran is lying to you

Don’t be fooled. The Deep State will say anything and do anything to justify their ultimate wet dream of invading and bombing Iran. Iran is no threat. Iran has not invaded or bombed other countries. Iran is not the country inside of other nations, killing people with no regard for human life, to “bring democracy and freedom” or whatever bullshit excuse. Iran has given $0 to ISIS. America & Saudi Arabia among other countries, have given countless billions of dollars to ISIS. Saudi Arabia, America and UK are have been killing Yemenis for 2 years, creating the biggest humanitarian crisis on earth, and the people in Yemen that haven’t been bombed for no reason other than the Saudis are racist against them, are starving and look like skeletons. But you won’t hear this on the controlled mainstream media (propaganda) of the West. Saudi Arabia owns much of the corporate owned

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