Why is this allowed to continue?

.@mod_russia raised issue of #Daesh terrorists on pickup trucks infiltrating through #US-controlled zone in #Syria https://t.co/nDjprjJelO pic.twitter.com/4RYQPubL3x — Sputnik (@SputnikInt) October 11, 2017 #SYRIA One should be warned that it is USA that will bear the responsibility for sabotaging peace process — Минобороны России (@mod_russia) October 11, 2017 Also true, that the West call #Islamist terrorists in #Syria "rebels", but whenever they enter a Western country they're called terrorists pic.twitter.com/F9aS8szaB6 — TheEqualizer (@ColoniumKoeln) October 2, 2017 It’s not even a secret that the US is funding, arming, training, and defending the terrorists they claim they are fighting. In the West, they are called terrorists. In the Middle East, the US calls them “rebels.” All of the undeclared wars are scams and lies. You are being played. Innocent people have had their country invaded, their towns and cities bombed, their livelihoods destroyed. Not many people in the West care. Many innocent

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