USA is ISIS: Reason #72 why I want to leave USA

Most Americans don't know that the US is even in Syria, not that they would understand the politics & how we are the bad guys in this one. — Not A Russian-Bot Daryl (@Daryl16519C) September 24, 2017 '#US special ops forces & hardware spotted at #ISIS positions' – Russian MoD released images — RT (@RT_com) September 25, 2017 Reason #72 why I want to leave the United States of America: It’s still arming, funding, training, defending and fighting WITH ISIS jihadis in order to topple yet another country’s government like it did Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc., turn it into an Islamic extremist hell hole and take control of the country’s oil pipeline, then move on to Iran. Wash, rinse, repeat. Yes, we are the bad guys here. The unelected, unwanted criminal Mafia that runs America is evil and fascist. Meanwhile the lying corporate media, which is

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