Bye petro-dollar! Watch out for false flag in Venezuela as excuse for American troops

Venezuela dumped the dollar and will sell it’s oil only in Chinese yuan which is now backed by gold, unlike the worthless American paper confetti which used to be backed by gold but now is just backed by war. That means any country who threatens to dump the dollar gets the shit bombed out of them and the government and media tell the people it’s either to “liberate” them and force democracy or to get some “terrorists”. Bye petro dollar! That’s another nail in the petro dollar coffin. The petro dollar isn’t taught in schools, so many people may not know what it is. Look it up on the internet. Basically it’s an evil deal between America and Saudi Arabia. That’s why they’ve been such BFF’s and America hasn’t liberated Saudi Arabia from it’s cruel head chopping monarchy dictators or forced democracy on them. The petro dollar agreement was brokered

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