The collapse of the American Empire part 1

We are living in the collapse of the American Empire right now. There are some comparisons to the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire got so big and powerful that ┬áin it’s heyday nobody thought it was possible for it to collapse. The Roman Empire didn’t collapse overnight. Nor was there one big war that brought down the Roman Empire. It was quite the opposite. During the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire, the Romans probably didn’t even know it was collapsing. Life was harder, there was more hunger and poverty, wages were lower, food was more expensive, but they just thought the times had changed and nothing would happen to the Empire itself. The Roman Empire collapsed very slowly and gradually. It became more weak and more poor and infighting grew until it finally collapsed.

We are in the collapse of the American Empire now, it is collapsing right now and it has been for several years. The process of collapsing is very slow and gradual. It can easily take several more years of collapsing until it’s finally finished. After the end of the American Empire, there will be a reset. There may be a new currency used because the American dollar will be worthless confetti. The petro-dollar, which has caused so much evil in the world won’t exist anymore and the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world. There will also be a reset in government after the collapse. Many things could happen and nobody knows for sure what will happen. It could be a time of great opportunity, when the Deep State is finally finished and something better and Deep State proof can be put in place. It could also be a time of great oppression. There could be the dreaded “New World Order” that the Pope and elite are pushing for. There could be a dictatorship. Nobody knows. America could also be broken up in different territories which will have their own government.

Since America has been bullying the entire world for decades and it’s the most hated country in the world, the world will rejoice when America collapses. It will take a very long series of books to go over how America has been bullying the world for decades. From all of the wars, regime changes, sanctions (they harm ordinary people not governments), invasions, CIA coups, CIA torture camps, NSA worldwide spying, world wide assassinations, genocides, drug running, and resource stealing. The military industrial complex. Basically America tells other countries, do what we say or we’ll sanction you and maybe bomb you.

The first hammer that initiated the collapse was Bill Clinton signing that awful bill. Was it NAFTA? Or TPP? Most normal kids at the time only cared about their friends, having fun, and the newest video games. Then there was me, the abnormal child who felt sick with worry over the consequences of what Bill Clinton was signing even though I didn’t fully understand it. I just knew it was bad and it would put many people out of work. I worried how the people who Bill Clinton was putting out of work would pay their bills.

So basically the evil, greedy CEO’s of soulless monsters called corporations decided to shut down their factories in America which made the middle class and build them in countries like China where the CEO’s would make an obscene amount of money profiting on slave labor at the expense of everyone else. A corporate CEO had no problem putting 10,000 Americans out of work so they could profit off of slave labor. And then there would be a domino effect. The stores and restaurants where these workers shopped would be hit because people weren’t buying anymore except for basics. Small business owners and their employees, babysitters, house cleaners, etc. were put out of business when the biggest employers in town closed down. The companies that didn’t want to move overseas could no longer compete with the companies that were using slave labor. That was just the very first hit of the hammer to the American Empire.

America was great because the majority of the population was middle class. There was the wealthy, the poor, but most people were middle class. They worked and lived a comfortable lifestyle. It wasn’t luxurious but it was comfortable.

An average man could work and support a wife and kids and own a home in the heyday of the American Empire.

Today, while we are in the collapse, an average man can’t even support himself working full time much less a wife and kids. It’s typical for a family to have both the husband and wife working full time jobs and still living paycheck to paycheck, get to spend very little time with their kids, stressed out about finances and have no savings.

Today, while we are in the collapse, the middle class has been wiped out. The middle class has gone from being the largest part of the population to a small part and it keeps shrinking. Like the saying goes, the rich get rich and poor get poorer. The few wealthiest Americans own more wealth than the rest of the population combined. The gap between the the rich and poor keeps growing and growing. Meanwhile, the government of the American Empire is spending billions of dollars a day on illegal wars. Rand Paul tried to put a stop to the endless undeclared wars, but the incompetent, corrupt Senate of the American Empire voted to keep the endless undeclared wars going.

In 100 years when people are learning about the rise and fall of the American Empire, they are going to shake their heads and wonder what was wrong with Americans, that they let their government get away with such antics.

For all of the peasants in the American Empire, they have no money to invest to prepare for the empire collapse, but anyone with money should get prepared. Farm land, gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, guns, lots of food. and water are among the best things to stock up on.