The evil unholy alliance of Jared Kushner, Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia

Everyone with intuition knows that Jared Kushner is a creepy, disgusting creep! Jared Kushner and his family are old friends of the Netanyahus. America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are in an unholy alliance to bring about war, genocide, and destruction. The ultimate goal is to finish off Iran. Remember General Wesley Clark telling us about the 7 country take down plan. Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, and the big final prize, Iran. Only 3 left to go. And genocide against the Yemenis and Palestinians and anyone else is just fantastic to them. No, America isn’t liberating anyone or spreading democracy. It’s spreading terrorism and war, not democracy. It will be nice when everyone can open their eyes and stop being so stupid and naive. Once more: America is not spreading democracy or fighting terrorists, America IS the terrorist. It’s spreading terrorism and war under the BS guise of spreading democracy and liberation. For the past 2 years the US has been helping Saudi Arabia commit genocide against the Yemenis. Douchebag Jared Kushner even personally arranged a better deal between Saudi Arabia and Lockheed Martin for lots more weapons for the Kingdom of Head Choppers. Gotta keep killing those Yemenis, there are some that haven’t been bombed by American weapons yet or died of cholera due to the war yet. It’s currently the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and mainstream media completely ignores it. While the clowns on CNN and MSNBC are bitching about Trump playing golf, eating 2 scoops of icecream, ¬†or being a racist (not true, I’m not a Trump fan but don’t make up or believe ridiculous lies) genocide and humanitarian crisis is happening thanks to the evil unholy alliance and the MSM clowns don’t give a shit about those brown lives. Those brown lives don’t matter to them. Brown lives only matter to the mainstream media when it’s convenient for their script. They don’t want you to know about the Yemeni and Palestinian genocides and they don’t want you to care about those brown lives. The evil plan to destroy Syria has been stopped by Russia who decided that the rest of the world has had enough with America going around the world with no regard to human life, creating wars, toppling governments and installing puppets to replace the leaders they killed. America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are working together in an evil, unholy alliance to complete the plan that General Wesley Clark laid bare. They have been funding, arming, training and defending Islamic jihadists to take down the sovereign, legitimate government of Syria so they can take control. Even though Russia has stepped in to stop the empire building, the unholy alliance is still trying to wage a war with Iran, even some are publicly calling on a false flag to force America to war with Iran. Usually they plan their false flags in private, so they are getting sloppy or just don’t care. And President Trump has his douchebag son-in-law Kushner to bring about “peace deals” in the middle east. Hahahahahahaha. Kushner is old pals with Netanyahu and they are both proud Zionists, so golly gee, it seems he just might be biased in the matter. Let’s be real, Kushner doesn’t give a single shit about Palestinian lives or “those” brown lives. I’m not a fan of President Trump and for real reasons, not for made up dumbass reasons that aren’t even true. I’m not a fan mainly because his senior advisor is creepy douchebag Jared Kushner and because he back tracked on his promises of stopping the stupid wars and intervening around the world. Perhaps Trump wanted to fix things but he got in over his head with the swamp monsters. The other option to Trump is a zillion times worse and if IT became President, I believe WWIII would have already happened by now. (Green party candidate Jill Stein made a GREAT speech about that. Killer Hillary would lead us straight into WWIII while Trump would likely postpone it for who knows how long but simply postponing something isn’t good enough) Ehhh, the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned America against has gotten too big and too powerful. What can any man or woman do?

Oh and here’s a video pointing out what a hypocritial douchebag warmonger dumbass Jared Kushner is. Gah he makes me sick. And any empath gets nauseous just looking at him. Did I mention he’s good buddies with the most evil man in the world, George Soros? And Ivanka is messed up to marry that creature.