The FBI is a joke run by criminals that can’t handle the public interest

Are you kidding FBI? You bunch of criminals have lost your ever loving minds. You’re not investigating or locking up the most hated woman on Earth and one of the biggest criminals in the history of humankind because of an alleged “lack of public interest”? That’s the biggest pile of bullshit that 10,000 bulls couldn’t shit that much bullshit. People are so interested in justice finally bitch smacking her. People have always been interested and they always will be. This amount of massive, angry, huge, collective hate isn’t disappearing quietly into the night. There is so much interest in locking her up that you can’t even handle that much public interest. The FBI is a joke. A joke run by criminals.  Stop protecting that bag of scum. That goes for Donald John Trump as well. He promised to lock her up as candidate, but now he’s President he hasn’t kept the big promise that everyone was waiting for. #LockHerUp #HillaryForPrison #ThereIsPublicInterest #ArrestHillary #ClintonCrimeFamily

Here’s some “Public Interest” for you FBI: