The FBI is scared and here’s more public interest

Every single FBI agent should be fired. Every single politician and government agent should be removed. The system can’t be fixed. It’s beyond repair. Start all over from scratch.

It’s not even about “emails” as the out of touch people would say…most people don’t even realize the amount of dead bodies and missing witnesses that are connected to this woman, this crime family. The FBI is afraid of what would happen if the true scope of serial killer Hillary’s crimes were made public. They are afraid of massive civil unrest  if what was done in the dark came to light. It’s much, much worse, much darker than many people can imagine. Also, many people in high places such as Congressmen and Congresswomen would be implicated in various crimes and cover ups. What would happen if 1/3 of the government had to be put behind bars? Pandora’s box needs to be kept closed according to them. The FBI is afraid.

The FBI needs to come up with better lie. Everyone knows there is major public interest, there always was and always will be. That’s got to be the lamest lie anyone could think of. Come up with a better lie, FBI. In the meantime, here’s some more public interest until you come up with something better than “lack of public interest”: