The last chapter of America

It’s falling right now before your very eyes. Watch and see.

It’s falling rapidly now, but it’s been falling gradually for a few decades.

It once was the country with the highest standard of living.

It once was the richest country.

It once was the freest country. It even used to be democratic.

Once upon a time, the majority had humanity and common decency.

Once upon a time, if America was helping Saudi Arabia massacre a bunch of innocents in some other country, people would have taken to the streets and demanded answers. Today, very few even care. If it’s not happening to them personally, they don’t care.

Once upon a time, there was something called “The American Dream” which was proudly talked about. Anyone could achieve this dream as long as they had a word ethic. That’s all it took. And many people from diverse backgrounds accomplished this. But this dream, which was so pleasant and nice, is dead and gone.

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to something that was pleasant and nice and good. But this proud dream from a proud past is long gone. There’s been time to mourn and to ponder why. Some people, mainly older people, still stubbornly cling on to this dead dream, refusing to part with it, unable or unwilling to accept unpleasant and harsh change. The younger people can’t grasp this concept of “The American Dream” that their elders have spoken of. Times have changed. Everything has changed. And not for the better. Unfortunately.

America used to produce everything and new technologies were always discovered.

Now, the only thing America produces is war. The only industry America has is war. America is based upon war. For the benefit of a few super wealthy and powerful at the expense of everyone else in the world.

Americans have been dumbed down, distracted, made to be such busy slaves, that are mostly too stupid to even know they are slaves, that the majority of Americans don’t understand that wars are not meant to ever be “won” or to “end”. It’s not about “fighting terrorists”. That has to be the biggest lie the masses have ever swallowed. The real terrorists are in the District of Criminals, also known as Washington DC. War is a dirty industry. America’s biggest industry. It’s the only thing America produces anymore. Everything else is dependent upon China and other countries. The wars are meant to go on and on and on and on eternally until the American Empire has completely collapsed.

The District of Criminals spends trillions of dollars on endless nonsense wars around the globe, for the benefit of a handful of wealthy and powerful psychopaths at our expense. Meanwhile, average Americans are going broke because their health insurance has quadrupled over the last few years and they are getting less health care for more money. Meanwhile, there is an epidemic, a full blown crisis of homelessness that’s mostly ignored. Meanwhile, the poverty rate has been rapidly increasing and standard of living rapidly decreasing. Meanwhile, drug addiction, anxieties of life and suicides are steadily increasing as the standard of living and livable wages decrease. Meanwhile, a parent has to borrow money from their relatives to pay for their child’s medication that their costly insurance won’t cover.

So, the District of Criminals won’t invest in jobs, real education, homeless shelters and programs, affordable housing, infrastructure,real affordable healthcare as opposed to fake affordable healthcare in their OWN COUNTRY helping the poor souls which elected them, BUT they will spend billions of dollars a day killing, droning, bombing, starving, and illegally occupying places like Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Niger, Mali, and basically the entire globe.

And this is why it should be no surprise whatsoever that this is the last chapter of America.

You can’t blame Kim Jon-Un for wanting nukes. You would too. That’s the only thing that has kept America’s insane “Democracy and Freedom World Tour” from touring in North Korea. So far. Insane McCain and Insane McCain Jr. (Nikki Haley) are salivating at the prospect of another war. 15 wars at once yippee!

In America’s heyday, akin to the 1959 Cadillac, the wealth gap between the rich and poor was relatively small. That is what was so good about America. Now, a few men own more wealth than all other Americans combined. Something isn’t right here. And all of these men are white, so I can sort of understand all the “white hate” that’s become fashionable, but the wrong white people are the ones being hated.

Most Americans have war fatigue. America has been in constant multiple wars based upon lies their entire lives. And the rest of the world hates America for it’s never ending wars based on lies and set ups by the rogue Criminals in Action (CIA) and it’s cold indifference to the daily killing of innocents with no repercussions whatsoever.

In the last decade:

Obesity has risen. Drug addiction has risen. Home ownership has decreased. Rent prices have risen. Debt has risen. Chronic illnesses have risen. The middle class is gone. Health costs have risen. Car insurance has risen. Food prices have risen. Most millenials, even with full time jobs are forced to live with their relatives because livable wages for the masses don’t exist, except within certain fields. The gap between the rich and poor has become beyond ridiculous. Freedoms have been taken away and government control, snooping, and tyranny has no end in sight. There’s no such thing as laws or justice for the powerful and wealthy. The justice system is gone as well.

The powers that be have done a fantastic job at making the masses distracted on nonsense about political parties, impelling them to fight among themselves, not telling them that both political parties are one and the same.

Both political parties are WAR PARTIES.

More and more Americans have realized this as well as some other basic truths that they’ve been lied to about their entire lives. Such as the mantra that America is a democracy, when it’s in fact, an Oligarchy. An Oligarchy of unelected psychopath criminals who specialize in puppet shows. But no matter, it’s too late.

Too much damage has been done for too long. Millions and millions of innocents all over the world have been slaughtered for the War Machine and millions and millions more have been exposed to disease, poverty, destruction, real terrorism as opposed to the media’s beloved “fake terrorism” and chaos thanks to America’s “Democracy and Freedom World Tour.”

This is the last chapter of America. We are witnessing it now. And it’s no surprise whatsoever.

American military bases are in over 180 countries. The War Machine just can’t keep going like this. Fake money, backed by nothing since 1971 can’t keep being endlessly printed to keep funding the insane “Democracy and Freedom world tour.” Everyone has war fatigue. The world is angry. The world wants change. The world is tired of being bullied. The world will not regret the collapse of the American Empire.