The Pentagon- The real terrorist headquarters of the world

Over 60 years of slaughtering millions of people around the world, bombing, reducing thriving cities to rubble with the smell of decaying bodies, lives and livelihoods destroyed all over the planet from north to south, east to west, spreading destruction, chaos, disease and poverty and forcing millions of people to be refugees and flee their once safe homes. There’s no break even on Christmas day. On Christmas day, the Saudis, US and the UK, with weapons provided by the US in order to further enrich some blood thirsty billionaires, slaughtered a bunch of innocent Yemenis, including young children. These Yemenis minding their own business are not the terrorists and they have invaded no other country. The real terrorism of the world stems from the Pentagon, which is the headquarters of ISIS, Al-Quaeda and whatever group they invent next so they can pretend to fight it for MORE WARS. It’s also headquarters to the largest propaganda and PR of the universe. Perhaps the most frustrating part is the US government having the gall to say all of this slaughtering innocent human lives with no regard is to “fight terrorism” or “spread democracy and freedom” or to “protect our democracy.” What a joke. If there was a democracy, there’d be no wars. Nobody wants to go around the planet bombing the shit out of innocent people except the ruling psychopaths that make billions of dollars a year from it.

The US NEEDS war. It’s economy is dependent on WAR. Without war, there is no US economy. This is so messed up and must be fixed. Nothing can be fixed until it is first addressed.

And somehow they were able to use the media and convince the sheeple that all of this is in the name of “fighting terror” when in fact THEY are the terrorists of the world, while most Americans stay blissfully ignorant in their selfish little bubble. Probably watching The Bachelor or whatever shit is popular among the sheeple now.


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