The People want chummy corrupt buddies Comey and Mueller in prison

I’m going to help out the rich and powerful, the Deep State again. I know they haven’t the slightest clue of what the majority, The People are thinking or feeling. They have some creepy a$$ technology and plans out there for mind control of the people. And no, this is not science fiction stuff, there are loads of scary a$$ operations that have already happened and are happening now using scary a$$ technology on official military, NASA and government documents. If you don’t know about it and have the stomach to go down that awful rabbit hole, then go to google and youtube and do your thing. While you’re at it, find out what the “CNN effect is”.


Dear Rich and Powerful men that control everything,

You have been grossly overestimating on how stupid and ignorant The People are. In your castles or Satan lairs or wherever you are, you are completely out of touch with the billions of little people on the earth that you hate, and if you guessed what they were thinking and feeling, you’d be wrong. Your biggest weapon, the mainstream media, that has worked perfectly on your behalf since it’s inception, is dying. It’s not working anymore. It’s a new era. In fact, The People are offended at the bullsh*t you except us to swallow and angry about the REAL IMPORTANT sh*t going on that you are not covering. The CNN effect is dead now. It’s not working anymore. People are leaving the lying mainstream media in droves to get the Truth.

The People know about Obama ordering Loretta Lynch to order the NSA to illegally spy on HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people. Not just a few people, but HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. That’s ┬álot of people. There’s a lawsuit about that now. And if you kill the man who is suing Obama for this, we’ll know who was behind it. So here you go: The People know how corrupt and dirty Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, James Comey, and Robert Mueller are. The People are angry that these POS’s have gotten away with everything for so long. The People are angry that these criminals have been walking around above the law for so long. The People are angry that these people have not had to answer for their crimes or get locked up. The People want justice. And that’s how The People think and feel. You’re welcome. If you have anymore questions on how The People think or feel, just ask me. I’m nice like that.

Here is a man with some common sense who will tell you what The People think about James Comey and his buddy Robert Mueller.

(PS: Donald Trump, fire Mueller and don’t give a f**k what anyone or the lying mainstream media says)