The Truth is that Assad is the only thing standing in between the Syrian Christians and death

A shocker here, but the corporate owned media has been lying to you. It was all a lie. They have programmed you to think that Assad is this evil bad guy and the American army must invade Syria and kill him to free the Syrian people. Because America is good and it goes around killing the bad guys. And Assad is a big, bad guy.

Uh, no. You have been programmed with lies and it’s time to hear some truth.

The truth is, Assad is the only thing standing in the way of the Syrian Christians and death. Assad is a secular leader and there has been a thriving community of Syrian Christians which come from old Christian families and worship in the oldest churches on Earth. In Damascus, Christians, Muslims and others have lived together peacefully with a secular leader who is very much against radical Islam.

When America takes down Damascus, the Syrian Christians will be murdered by the Islamic killers for being Christian.

Remember, it was the plan of the Deep State in 2001, as leaked years ago by General Wesley Clark to take down Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The truth coming out didn’t stop the arrogant Deep State from continuing with their evil, sinister plans. Most people didn’t know the truth because the lying corporate owned media refused to mention it.

The international Christian community needs to speak out against the war and urge President Trump to order the troops to leave Syria. Save the lives of the Syrian Christians.