The world is fed up with funding America’s never ending wars

Good riddance petro-dollar! It’s on it’s death bed and getting closer and closer to taking it’s last breathe. The dollar was taken off of the gold standard in 1971 by Richard Nixon. He said it was “temporary”. Hahahahaha. But of course it wasn’t. This worthless paper confetti has been kept as the world’s reserve currency because of  the never ending wars that most Americans are coldly indifferent to. If any country tries to get out of the petro-dollar, they get lied about, called terrorists, sanctioned, invaded, bombed, and destroyed.

The American Empire has the blood of millions of innocent human lives all around the world on it’s hands since WWII. From Nicaragua to Laos to Korea to Sudan to Mali to Syria.

And the world is sick and tired of helping to fund America’s never ending wars.

China is dealing the death blow to the petro-dollar now. They have been carefully planning for the petro-yuan for years and the world will be a more peaceful place under the petro-yuan.