The worst leak yet

I was wrong in predicting that the leaks would stop with General Kelly the new communications director. I thought perhaps the thought of having to answer to a tough 4 star general like that would quell the leaks, but that prediction was wrong. This shows how getting rid of Scaramucci was a horrible decision. Scaramucci was going after the leaks with a vengeance. He even threatened to fire the whole staff, which would be the best move. Getting rid of everyone and starting over fresh would be the best answer. But, unfortunately Scaramucci was fired after only 10 days, by General Kelly, right after Kelly was sworn in.

Mike Cernovich predicted that the leaks would only get worse after Scaramucci’s firing and he was right.

Today, the biggest leak so far was leaked to Bezo’s Blog, otherwise known as The Washington Post, owned by billionaire Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, who also has a questionable $11 million contract with the CIA. The same man who spent millions of dollars using his newspaper to try to sway public opinion and influence the election.

An entire transcript of phone calls President Trump made were leaked to Bezo’s Blog and they proudly and quickly showed off their leaks. 52 pages. This leak was 52 pages. Insane. It is obvious that President Trump is not in control.