There are still good people in the world: Strangers buy car for hardworking man

With all of the bad and evil things happening all the world, it’s good to take a moment out of each day to remember that there are still good people with humanity in them. They have a heart and empathy and all of the good things humans were meant to have.

This real news story is about strangers buying a car for a man that walked 6 miles to work everyday at a fast food place. A driver would notice the young man walking in the hot Texas sun to work everyday and he offered the man a ride. Eventually, a group of strangers got together and bought the man a car so he could drive to work. They also got him a $500 gas card.

This story is sweet. It shows the work ethic of the young man who would walk 6 miles to and from work everyday and the kindness of strangers.

The world would be a great place if everyone treated each other with such kindness.