Theresa May is protecting her Saudi Arabian terrorist exporting buddies

Of course she is! Saudi Arabia is the #1 exporter of terrorism in the whole wide world. Get educated on what “wahabi” means. This is a disgusting wahabi kingdom. If anyone wants to leave Islam, their head is cut off. If a woman is found to be an adulterer, her head is cut off. Women are not allowed to leave their own home without a male chaperone, called a mahrem. That is a blood related male relative or husband, which is usually also blood related as well. Slavery is legal. For real. It’s legal. Beating up servants is legal and there’s a law making it illegal for abused servants to run away. WHY IS AMERICA, BRITAIN, and ISRAEL protecting these MF’ers? And America, Britain and Israel are all allies of the wahabi Kingdom of Beheaders. They are the craziest scum out there.