This is the Dark Age

This is the true Dark Age.

Everything is opposite.

The group called Anti-Fascists are actually Fascists.

The Department of Justice is actually the Department of Injustice.

Google’s motto is “Don’t do evil” yet Google is all about doing evil.

The media are actually propagandists who have nothing to do with truth.

The public education system is actually the public indoctrination system. It’s more about indoctrination than education. Real history is not taught in the American public school systems. They do teach math accurately however.

The United States is not a Democracy. It’s an Oligarchy. An Oligarchy of the worst criminals that ever existed. A group of wealthy and powerful people are the Oligarchy with absolute power. They are the Controllers and your vote is a charade. All the while you are taught from a young age that you live in a democracy.

Children are taught at an early age that honesty is the best policy. Being honest is good and lying is bad, they are taught. However in the real world, in the unfortunate Dark Ages that we live in, honesty is dangerous. Telling the truth can get one silenced, censored, fired from their job, even killed, while lying is rewarded.

The Federal Reserve is not federal, it’s a privately owned bank that “no one can override”. And there’s no reserve.

The laws aren’t for everyone. They’re only for the poor and middle class.

The FBI-the higher levels anyway- is all about protecting criminals.

The real threat to freedom aren’t some terrorists in Afghanistan. It’s the government. The government which is ruled by an evil Oligarchy.