This son of nephilim is the top enemy of humankind

George Soros. This toad is the top enemy of humankind. He thinks because he is a son of the nephilim that he can wreck ridiculous havoc all across the planet and destroy countless lives. There’s no part of the planet that he hasn’t harmed. This one toad is behind the migrant crisis in Europe. Go away, toad. You’re no good. ┬áThere is a group of very rich, very powerful men that call themselves sons of nephilim. They think that because their DNA is superior to regular humans (Rh+), they have the right to harm people and that rules and laws don’t apply to sons of nephilim. (On a side note, for those that don’t know about the nephilim, that’s a whole history that’s not taught in public school. There’s a whole lot you need to learn about true history. Like I’ve heard before, “everything you’ve been taught about ancient history is a lie”.) However no type of blood or DNA, Rh- or not, makes what George Soros and his comrades do okay. It’s so not okay. We hate what you do, George.