Tulsi Gabbard is the most brave and amazing person in Washington DC.

Tulsi Gabbard (D), a Congresswoman from Hawaii has the cajones that no man in DC does, to stand up to the Deep State. She is speaking for The People, all The People of America regardless of politics, race, religion, or anything on the bill she proposed. She is the only person in the Congress or the Senate who has proposed a bill for the American government to STOP FUNDING TERRORISTS. It’s outrageous that the American government is spending billions of tax dollars everyday on a nonsense war in Syria and giving weapons, trucks, money, and training to terrorists. How about spending that billions of dollars everyday on housing for the working poor and homeless and healthcare instead?

The Pentagon openly admits they fund these terrorists and has openly said they will protect them, which is why American forces are acting as ISIS’ personal air force. The government is also telling the masses the silly lie that they are just in Syria to get rid of terrorists. Oh yeah, why are you giving money, trucks, weapons, training and security to the same people you claim you are fighting? Come on now, nobody is that stupid, other than the zombies that still watch CNN and MSNBC. There are plenty of zombies in America, I’ll grant you that. But the majority of people are NOT zombies and NOBODY wants their own government spending billions of dollars per day funding terrorists, then claiming they are fighting these same terrorists. Giving them different names like “moderate rebels” or “Al Nusra Front” or whatever doesn’t change the fact that they are all THE SAME and are all FIGHTING ON THE SAME SIDE with the SAME END GOAL. The same group of rebels that America openly admits to funding are on

video beheading innocent people! Come on now, wake up!

It’s sad we’ve come to the point, where a law is actually needed to ban our own government from funding terrorists, but that’s exactly where we are and where we have been for decades. ┬áIt’s even more sad that this bill is considered controversial in Washington DC and the corporate owned media. It’s not controversial, it’s common sense and all Americans want this madness to stop. Stop the regime change policy, just stop. Get a different goal in life, Deep State. Tulsi is the brave woman to stand out and speak out against the powerful, ultra wealthy white men that control everything.

Thank you Jesus for Tulsi Gabbard. She is Democrat and this further shows this has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans this is 100% Good vs. Evil. Tulsi Gabbard is on the frontlines on the side of Good. She has morals, she has a heart, she believes all human life has value regardless of income, race, nationality, or anything else.

The evil is the Deep State. They don’t care if the president is Democrat or Republican or from the Spaghetti party. Like Bill Clinton stated, there is a government within the government that the president doesn’t control.

I commend and praise Tulsi Gabbard for being a voice for all of us good people in America. I commend and thank Tulsi Gabbard for being brave and strong enough to propose this bill and not being intimidated to step down and be quiet. I hope Tulsi Gabbard never stops being brave and strong. I hope every American with a mind and heart will support Tulsi and this bill and bug their local congressmen to make sure this bill passes.

(On a side note, Tulsi did NOT support the criminal Hillary Clinton, who the Deep State selected to win the election, which shows more that she’s a really good and intelligent person. She even left her role in the corrupt DNC despite creepy warnings from them, because she did not support Hillary and she supported Bernie. )

With Tulsi being so brave and opposing the Deep State, she will now be a target of theirs. I urge Tulsi to be vigilant at all times. For all praying Americans, I ask that you pray for Tulsi, for her protection, for her to stay brave and for the bill to pass. For all non praying Americans, I ask that you send positive energy to Tulsi.

Thank you Tulsi!