URGENT: Assassination plot against Donald Trump leaked

Former CIA agent, Robert David Steele with sources deep in the CIA has spilled a lot of truth. The most urgent thing he revealed was that there’s an assassination plot headed by John Brennan who leads the dark side of the CIA. Herbert McMaster and John McCain are also heavily involved in dirty, dirty, sh*t. I strongly felt that Herbert McMaster was a dirty, evil man doing some dirty, evil things and the leak from yesterday and today from 2 different sources just confirmed it. The 2nd biggest intel revealed was that John Brennan, Herbert McMaster and John McCain paid a large sum of money to the so called White Helmets in Syria to create a chemical attack. And Sarin gas was not used. The lying mainstream media refused to publish Sy Herch’s report that Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack. Why would they not publish it? Because mainstream media and the truth have nothing in common. So it wasn’t Assad who did the chemical attack, it was Brennan, McMaster, and McCain. It’s so obvious those war mongers are desperate to go to war and will use any excuse for it.

You surely won’t hear about this disturbing revelation that there’s John Brennan is leading an assassination plot on the lying mainstream media because they have nothing to do with truth and important issues. They could at least interview Robert David Steele and get his side, no? They just want to distract and program the masses. He also said that @Jack, Eric Schmidt and the rest of Twitter manipulates the @POTUS twitter feed. There’s a lot of tweets that he can’t see. Eric Schmidt made sure of that. Steele also said that Nikki Haley is a dumb bimbo but everyone already knows that.

Robert David Steele also said what all of Donald Trump’s supporters had been saying and wondering what’s happened to him and why he’s gone back on almost all of his promises. Steele said he was deeply concerned for Donald Trump. There is currently an active plot by people in his own circle who are in the Deep State, to kill him. If Trump doesn’t wake up fast and do some serious firing and forget about what the mainstream media says, I’m fearful that he’s in imminent danger.

In hearing this news I remember my vivid dream where I tried to warn Trump of imminent danger. I was trying to warn him that people were trying to kill him, I just didn’t know who it was. Trump needs to watch out for John Brennan, Herbert McMaster and John McCain. They are in the Deep State and are evil, evil men. He needs to charge them with treason or at least Patriot Act their asses.

#Unrig #SaveTrump


  1. He’s also facing Deep State with DOJ & FBI attorneys, including Dpty AG Rosenstien, Acting Director McCabe & Spec Prosecutor Mueller. Here, Trump obviously knows that whoever recommended Rosenstien tried to frame him. He needs to move quickly before they fabricate a sham case against him.

  2. Eric Schmidt??? Gaming Trump’s Twitter feed??? Eric Schmidt from Alphabet? I smell bs.

  3. Two possibilities. This is mostly true or it’s an attempt to manipulate POTUS by intimidation when he hears this.

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