US sanctions on Russia will help crash the dollar

It seems like the US Congress and Senate are hell bent on bringing economic disaster to America. Oh they so badly want sanctions on Russia and overwhelmingly passed a sanctions bill despite large corporations lobbying against it. I don’t know if the Congressmen and Senators fully understand what they are doing. If the anti-Russia sanctions are not vetoed by President Trump, then according to various economists, the results will be anywhere from bad to catastrophic for America. That’s right, for America. Russia sanctions won’t be bad for Russia, they will be bad or catastrophic, depending on the predicting economist, for America. It could lead to the American dollar being dumped as the international reserve currency which would bring in the collapse of the dollar. The collapse of the dollar is something many financial gurus are predicting will happen which will be devastating to ordinary Americans.

I can’t imagine that the American Congress and Senate trying to crash the dollar on purpose, so what are they doing? I can not understand. Do they not speak to anyone who warns them of the bad consequences for the American economy that sanctions on Russia will herald in? Even lobbyists for large corporations have been lobbying the politicians with no results. That is also befuddling to me, because the large corporations with their endless supply of money pretty much always get their way. But they didn’t this time.

Not only are large American corporations warning that Russia sanctions will harm business, but the European Union is angry over what the US Congress and Senate have done. They have even threatened counter sanctions against America if the sanctions against Russia are passed. Can you imagine, the European Union, sanctioning America? The European Union also said that “America first can not mean Europe last.” Europe is angry and rightfully so, that America can make sanctions that will hurt Europe.

In the following video, especially listen to what Max Keiser says. He hits the nail on the head. US sanctions against Russia will just push Germany all the way into Russia and China’s arms and Germany will dump the dollar as the international reserve currency. China and Russia have recently dropped the dollar and are building the New Silk Road. This will have HUGE implications in the future. It will change the way the world works and the entire world economy. Turkey has recently said that the days of taking orders from the West are over. The thing is, the entire world is sick and tired of America behaving as the big bully on the playground. The days of America acting as policeman and boss of the world are over. Other super powers are rising while America is falling. Chinese infrastructure for instance, puts America’s infrastructure to shame. ¬†America can’t tell other countries who they can buy from or sell to and the arrogance of the Congressmen and Senators who think they can is just ridiculous. Sanctions against North Korea and Iran haven’t hurt those countries. India and China for instance, have stated they will continue purchasing oil from Iran and they don’t care what America has to say, it’s none of their business. Washington DC is stuck living in the past, in the post WWII era where America was boss and superpower. But the rest of the world has moved on. The new world is not the same as the old.