USA is ISIS: Reason #72 why I want to leave USA

Reason #72 why I want to leave the United States of America: It’s still arming, funding, training, defending and fighting WITH ISIS jihadis in order to topple yet another country’s government like it did Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc., turn it into an Islamic extremist hell hole and take control of the country’s oil pipeline, then move on to Iran. Wash, rinse, repeat. Yes, we are the bad guys here. The unelected, unwanted criminal Mafia that runs America is evil and fascist. Meanwhile the lying corporate media, which is just the propaganda wing of the government is still telling people that America is illegally in Syria to fight ISIS. Wrong. It’s fighting WITH ISIS. And many of the mercenaries, that’s what they are, are from Saudi Arabia.


So America’s foot soldier’s, ISIS, just killed a Russian General in a recently liberated town in Syria. America destroys whatever it touches. Look at “liberated” Iraq for a brilliant example. It’s been destroying Syria for around 5 years now and still hasn’t won. America hasn’t won a war since World War 2 but it’s left dozens of countries in ruins and deep hatred for America over the globe. How would America feel if China for example created, armed, trained, funded, and defended some terrorist group in America comprised of mercenaries from 50 different countries? And when the American military tried to fight against the terrorists in their own country, China came and bombed the American military while telling the Chinese citizens that China was in America to fight terrorists? Because that would be sort of like what’s been happening for the last 5 years. But since Syria is a small country and America is a large country, it’s a lot worse for Syria. America only invades small countries.

So anyway, a high ranking Russian general was killed while protecting Assad from assassination and protecting the Syrian Christians, minorities, and non extremist Muslims from getting their heads chopped off and this General was also a friend of Putin, so retaliation and escalation could only be expected. To all the people wishing for war, be careful what you wish for because you might get it.

And I’m so disgusted at what the country I was born in is doing. If I could afford to leave I would.