USA, Israel, & Saudi Arabia: Stop your obsession on killing Assad

USA, Israel, & Saudi Arabia: Stop your stupid obsession on killing Assad and toppling Damascus. Stop your false flags. Stop your chemical attacks. Stop murdering innocent people in order to blame it on Assad. Stop! Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!

The unholy alliance of the dark governments of USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia still cling to their sick obsession with murdering the Syrian President and taking over Syria. Netanyahu recently threatened to bomb Damascus to kill President Assad. Netanyahu isn’t going to let anything like human life get in the way of what he wants and he wants Syria. Who cares if it isn’t his country for the taking? Some bombs can take care of that.

So, everyone who has any common sense or spent more than 3 seconds on research knows that the chemical attack in Syria was a false flag to blame on Assad as an excuse to topple Damascus. The chemicals used came from America and were used by CIA paid “moderate rebels” (haha) to blame on Syrian President Assad so the mainstream media can tell everyone the US needs to take down Damascus to “liberate” Syria. Just like it “liberated” Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Vietnam and is threatening to “liberate” Venezuela. Award winning journalist Seymour Hercsh wrote a compelling article proving that Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack, it would make no sense for him to do that and harm his own cause, and it was a false flag by the CIA and the CIA’s terrorists that they pay, arm, train, and defend.The CIA and US government are well trained in false flags. They have a lot of experience…

The mainstream media blacklisted Seymour Hercsh’s report as well as other reports that link the chemicals used in the attack directly to the US. The mainstream media which is the mouthpiece of the Deep State want nothing to do with the truth. The truth goes against their agenda. These cold hard facts were only reported on independent or alternative media. And dumbass POS scumbag Nikki Haley even said if another chemical attack happened the US was pre-blaming Assad. However, if anything else happens in Syria we already know it’s another false flag by the CIA in order to blame Assad which CIA documents show has been a stupid US obsession since the 1980’s. If they can blame Iran and Russia for the same false flag, they sure will.  US: STOP THE FALSE FLAGS. STOP, STOP, STOP. GET OUT OF SYRIA. QUIT KILLING PEOPLE. QUIT HIRING TERRORISTS. Mind your own country for the first time since the 1940’s.

Based on Netanyahu’s recent comments about bombing Damascus to kill Assad, “SyrianGirl”  fears that the US and/or Israel will strike Syria soon. The second video posted also mentions Netanyahu’s recent disturbing comments that he made in Sochi about bombing Damascus, as well as other geopolitical topics.