USA made an evil plan in 2001 to take over Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and Syria

Just this year in 2017, I was disgusted, shocked, and saddened to find out the truth, that the Shadow Government of America made a secret plan back in 2001 to invade and take down the governments of Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. The originally wanted to do accomplish this sinister plan in 5 years which obviously didn’t happen. To accomplish taking down these 7 countries in  5 years shows how arrogant they are. Someone told these top secret, classified plans to General Wesley Clark, who told about this plan publicly. Despite this, the lying corporate owned media did not cover it because they don’t want the American people to know any truth. And you can look back and see how this plan has played out exactly as General Clark said and how the lying media and government has been lying for many years about these countries to the sheep of America so they would think these countries were evil and either support or be apathetic to the constant wars. Just because America doesn’t like a president of some other country doesn’t give them the right to go around the planet toppling governments of any country they want.

This video is a MUST WATCH for everyone. He also says that if there had been no oil in the middle east, there would be no wars. Now looking back do you see how everything the government and mainstream media said were all lies? War criminal George Bush used Saudi Arabians causing 9/11 to invade Iraq. That made no sense at all to me back then because I was cursed with common sense. Saudi Arabia does something so instead of retaliating against Saudi Arabia, you retaliate against…IRAQ? Which was never any threat to America whatsoever. Then to top it off, they all lied about weapons of mass destruction and other stuff so Americans would support the war or be apathetic.

Somalia and Sudan are toppled. They had a weak government and very weak or no military at all to defend themselves against the giant Army of America. That was easy. Now they are currently on Syria. They had hoped to have already toppled Syria and killed Bashar Al-Assad, even though he’s a secular leader and is the only thing standing in the way of the Syrian Christians and death. However Russia knows all about these sinister plans and President Putin is tired of America going around and invading any country they want and killing whoever they want, even though there is no just cause whatsoever. Putin is the only reason that America hasn’t toppled the Syrian government yet. Assad said that Putin was the only leader in the world protecting Christians. Syria simply doesn’t have the army to defend itself against America. But Russia does. Russia has so many nuclear weapons and if a nuclear war started, nobody on the planet would survive except the billionaires in their bunkers.  And this, ladies and gentlemen is the real reason the America government hates Russia and why you hear these nonstop lies about Russia on the lying corporate owned media. They want the sleeping people to think Russia is the bad guy, when Russia is actually the good guy. Basically whatever the lying mainstream media says, the opposite is the truth.


PS: Has the government told the American people WHY we are in Syria illegally in the first place?