Vladimir Putin gave a dire warning to humanity

At a conference for international journalists almost a year ago, Vladimir Putin tried his best to get through to them with a dire warning but like always, western media didn’t cover it, because they just put out the lies they want the dumb masses to believe. Putin said, “I don’t know how else to get through to you people.” He warned that America’s military actions was pulling the world in an irreversible direction and nobody seems to know. The mainstream media ignores what’s really going on in the world and acts like everything is ok while humanity is teetering on the edge. Almost a year after Putin begged the journalists to understand the scope of the situation and things have only gotten worse. Trump betrayed his supporters by not pulling troops out of Syria. Here’s what the old Trump said, before the Deep State got to him.

Trump should take his own advice. He should also stop giving a f**k what what lying mainstream media says because he’s cowed to the media. He’s so terrified of speaking to any Russian after the mainstream media tried to induce mass hysteria over Russia in the most stupid hoax ever, that it gets in the way of talking about important things. Like, you know, human life on planet earth.

Listen carefully to what Vladimir Putin says because no Deep State controls him and he tells the truth.