We need to talk about the agenda for America

The fact that there’s no outcry from the mainstream media, the public and the self proclaimed democrats of all of the people investigating Hillary wind up dead, proves a very disturbing agenda.

If all of the people looking for Russian goblins that helped Donald Trump thwart the Cabal’s agenda of placing Hillary Clinton as President by hacking an entire country, wound up dead, imagine the 24/7 outcry of the mainstream media. These clowns tried to turn Donald Trump eating 2 scoops of ice cream into a smear piece, so imagine a dead body of a person investigating Trump. Imagine 2 dead bodies. 3 bodies. 4 dead bodies. It would be pure pandemonium.

However anyone investigating the Hillary Clinton/Russia connection (Remember, Hillary gave Russia 20% of America’s uranium) or the criminal DNC and Hillary collusion, winds up dead and the mainstream media does not care and is programming the morons that watch them, to only care about Donald Trump but not care about the evil that the Clinton Mafia does.

Look, there is an agenda here. The shit programming of the mainstream media as well as their reactions to big stuff gives it away. I don’t watch the mainstream media anymore. I only see what they cover or don’t cover third hand. If the mainstream media makes a big deal out of something, it’s most likely a lie that they want to program the sheeple with. If there’s any big news they ignore, such as wars and genocides (such as what Saudi Arabia is doing to Yemen) or deaths of people set to testify against the Clintons (from Seth Rich to Shawn Lucas to Klaus Edelmen and so much more) then you better believe that’s where the important stuff is. The job of the mainstream media is to DISinform the zombies. There’s an Oligarchy that runs everything. They control the money, the mainstream media, the politicians, everything.

A few billionaire white men in suits control everything. They have an agenda. They have a plan that’s been planned for a long time. It’s an agenda that nobody wants. The truth is out there for anyone who cares enough to turn off reality TV long enough to look for it. However it’s not pretty. It includes world war 3, millions of deaths, disease, FEMA camps, much more and the New World Order. That’s not a conspiracy theory. “Conspiracy theory” is usually what people call uncomfortable truths they don’t want to face. There are official military, government and NASA documents that go into disturbing details that I don’t want to even think about. Most people simply are too lazy to do any homework.The reason there is such an outcry against Donald Trump isn’t because he’s such a horrible person. It’s because the Oligarchy had already planned for the demon possessed career criminal Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential election, but The People said hell to the no, put a wrench in their plan, and they are trying to get their plan back on track.