Western men’s sperm has fallen and Muslim men will fertilize Western women

The sperm count of Western men has fallen dramatically over recent years. It seems like the old fashioned simple life was in fact the best and healthiest life. For example, a study done by Hebrew University shows that Australian men’s sperm have fallen 52% over the last 40 years. That is the study referenced by an Australian Muslim that said Australian women need Muslims to fertilize them while the beer drinking, cigarette smoking Australian white men don’t have enough sperm and that the white race in Australia would soon be extinct.

Many Muslims in Europe have bragged about the same thing. There is a video of a Muslim immigrant in Germany telling a white German man that while the white German may have one kid, he and the other Muslim immigrants would marry their daughters, their daughters would start wearing the hijab, he will have 4 wives, 22 kids, and soon Germany would be a Muslim nation.  It’s been said many times that Muslims are going to conquer Europe, not by bombs or war, but by the wombs of their women.

In this story by RT, an Australian man named Mohamed Elmouelhy made a since deleted Facebook post which gathered a lot of attention. He simply referenced the Hebrew University study and said that Australian women need Muslim men to fertilize them and fill Australia with Muslim babies while the white race dies out in 40 years. It is a statistic that the white race is declining while the Muslim population in Western countries is quickly rising.