What the fack is going on?

Anthony Scaramucci just became the outgoing, rock star communications director of the White House replacing Spicey. And he immediately got rid of that leaking swamp rat Reince Priebus which shows The Mooch is a smart guy and he’s on the side of the Good in the fight between good and evil.

Not much surprises me anymore, but I was in shock and disbelief when I saw the headlines of today that my dream man Anthony Scaramucci was forced to resign today. He just got the job!

“Why?! Why?!”, I asked in horror.

I just skimmed through an article and saw that Gen. Kelly forced Scaramucci to resign. The article said that Gen. Kelly wanted a “clean slate” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Did Gen. Kelly force Scaramucci to resign because Gen. Kelly is an operative for the Deep State? I never heard of Gen. Kelly before he was picked for his new position, but he looks like a man you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. He looks serious. And as soon as Gen. Kelly was sworn in, he forced The Mooch to resign. Why???

Spicey, The Mooch, it’s like a game of musical chairs!

And then there’s the questions, “Where the fuck is Trump”, “is Trump really in control” and “What does he even want?”

The biggest question I have right now is did Trump know that Gen. Kelly was going to get rid of Scaramucci and did Trump approve of this? I mean what in holy hell is going on? It makes no damn sense. Why would Trump appoint a new communications director and chief of staff and let the chief of staff sack the communications director right after he was sworn in? This is the most confusing game of musical chairs there ever was. I fell in love with Scaramucci right away and was looking forward to lots of blunt honesty from him. But then he was sacked right when his new job was just beginning. And the pessimist in me says, “See, I told you so. Never look forward to anything.” I think I’m going back to ignoring all politics. It’s all horror. I’ll watch some videos to see if there’s any more answers to my questions about The Mooch.