Will Kim Jong Un actually use his missiles?

North Korea tested another missile which apparently worried some military leaders. North Korea has developed possible nuclear weapons at a much faster rate than anyone at the Pentagon had predicted. Like the missile launch on July 4th, this missile launch landed in the Sea of Japan. On North Korean state TV, Kim Jong Un said that North Korea could reach America and that the missile was a warning for America.

Is Kim Jong Un sending a message to America saying don’t you dare try regime change here like you did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt because I have nuclear weapons or is North Korea planning to strike an American city with a nuclear missile?

Nobody knows what Kim Jong Un is planning, because there is no dialogue with him. North Korea has stated that they do want dialogue with the USA, but USA refuses to talk unless he stops stops testing missiles, which he won’t do. He knows what happened to Gaddafi when the USA convinced him to give up his weapons. He’s not that stupid. If he did give up his weapons, there’s no doubt that the War Machine of America would immediately do their favorite thing in the world-regime change. Dennis Rodman is our only hope in dialogue between the two countries. It’s possible that while the mainstream media has been obsessing over Russia and America has been trying to start a war in Syria, North Korea has been vigorously working on it’s nuclear weapons and making tremendous and fast progress.

Scary Mark Milley said that a war with North Korea would “not be pretty”. Thank for clearing that up, Mark for everyone who thought a war would be pretty. The Pentagon is considering invading North Korea. That would be risky because North Korea would most likely launch a nuclear missile in response to an invasion. South Korea would be destroyed if North Korea attacked it in retaliation for US strikes. One expert said that North Korea’s nukes could reach a big city on the west coast such as Los Angeles. Experts disagree on the capabilities of North Korean missiles. Some will say that North Korean missiles can reach as far as the Chicago. I somehow doubt Kim Jong Un really cares about Chicago, but that’s irrelevant. Other experts say North Korea couldn’t reach any part of America. So it’s hard to know what’s real when different experts in the field say completely different things. North Korea state TV showed the launch of the nuclear missile and showed Kim Jong Un in attendance, proud of his country’s accomplishment.