When is America going to liberate Saudi Arabia

When is the great liberator of the world, America, going to liberate the citizens of Saudi Arabia from the most brutal, oppressive regime in the world? America “liberated” Iraq and Libya after all and performed a coup in Ukraine to topple it’s democratically elected president to install a puppet who would submit to America. And the head chopping brutal monarchy of Saudi Arabia make Saddam Hussein look like an angel and that’s no joke. So when is the liberation of Saudi Arabia coming?

In Saudi Arabia, just saying anything pro-democracy comes with the death penalty. That’s no joke. If you get caught being pro-democratic in Saudi Arabia, you will literally be sentenced to get your head chopped off. Having the wrong opinions comes with the death penalty by beheading. And if you dare leave Islam you will get your head chopped off.

Where’s the Deep State war mongers when you need them? Where’s John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Nikki Haley, McMaster, Maxine Waters, Milley, etc? Where’s the call to force Saudi Arabia to end it’s evil oppressive, wahabi, brutal regime? Where is John McCain calling on America to bomb Mecca to liberate the oppressed democracy lovers who will get their heads chopped off if they are caught being pro-democratic? Where is war loving Nikki Haley holding up pictures of people with their heads chopped off by the Saudi Arabian monarchy because they want democracy or because they are gay or because they don’t want to be Muslim or because they had an opinion the brutal monarchy didn’t like and demanding the US bomb the shit out of Mecca to liberate the democracy craving citizens from their beheader-in-Chief? Holy hell, if you’re the wrong kind of Muslim, you get sentenced to death by beheading in Saudi Arabia. Shias get their heads chopped off for not being wahabis. You can’t make this stuff up. This is literally happening everyday in Saudi Arabia, the mainstream media which is the mouth of the Deep State ignore it, while pretending other countries are oppressive and threatening to liberate other countries by bombing the shit out of them. Come on now, stop being hypocrites.

And these head chopping fuckers are head of the human rights council of the UN. Seriously. The same people that chop off the heads of citizens who are caught wanting democracy instead of the most oppressive, evil regime on the planet is head of the UN human rights council. That goes to show you what a manipulating useless scam the UN is. You. Can. Not. Make. This. Stuff. Up! It’s beyond belief. This is worse than any fiction or satire writer can imagine.