Why does evil McMaster still have his job?

There is a lot going on in the world, but currently, what really nags at me and what I just can’t find any logical explanation for, is why does evil Herbert McMaster still have his job? Why hasn’t evil Herbert McMaster been fired yet? McMaster has sure been busy firing everyone left and right that’s against globalism, against war or pro Trump in Trump’s own administration. And that’s OK with Trump I suppose. It makes no damn sense. Fire your friends, hire your enemies, is that Trump’s new strategy?

Out of all of the woke people that I listen to, out of all political analysts, independent journalists, and just anyone who knows what evil H.R. McMaster is about, everyone seems just as confused as I am and asking the same questions as I am.

Not one person can explain why the hell evil H.R. McMaster hasn’t been fired. No one can explain why Donald Trump hasn’t fired his ass. I have been trying to find any theory or possible logical explanation for why Donald Trump keeps the venomous traitor McMaster around him. I mean there is the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but this is ridiculous.

McMaster has fired pretty much all Trump loyalists around him and hiring Trump haters. McMaster is a war monger that wants to kill more innocent people and get the war machine of America involved in yet more wars. It’s suspected that McMaster is one of the biggest leakers in the Trump administration. A pastor has made it public that he was told by a top GOP member that there is an active assassination plot against Donald Trump. The pastor told the whole story, with names to CBN the Christian Broadcast Network, but CBN got scared and didn’t air it. While the pastor didn’t name names, but went to the White House to pray for Trump, it’s suspected that McMaster and John Brennan are behind the plot. The Secret Service paid a visit to the pastor and I hope the pastor was able to give them the names of the people behind the plot. However, the pastor may not know the people behind the plot. He was told the plot by a senior member of the GOP, but the GOP may not have told him who’s behind the plot itself. As a previous post discusses, former CIA agent went public to say that McMaster, Brennan, and John McCain were behind an assassination plot against Trump.

So anyway, the question remains: Why the fack hasn’t McMaster been fired? He’s a bald headed treasonous traitor.

I’m linking a few different recent articles about the bald headed traitor.

If anyone has any theory on why Trump keeps McMaster around, please let me know! I haven’t even heard one single theory yet.