Why is USA still in Syria-August 18th 2017

Yo, US government, why are you still illegally in Syria? Nobody wants you there. You weren’t invited. You went to Syria illegally in the Obama days and you’re still there illegally after destabilizing the country and killing who knows how many innocent people. The days of evil empire building, colonialism, imperialism, and American hegemony are over. So, what are you still doing there? Trump told the CIA to stop their black operation of funding, arming, training and defending jihadis, so what are you still doing there? Surely not because a Rothschild demanded that the Syrian government be toppled. They aren’t even American. The US government should explain to the world, and honestly, why they are still in Syria illegally. Russia isn’t going anywhere. Russia recently signed an agreement with Syria which let’s them stay legally in Syria for the next 50 years. And as long as Russia is there, the Syrian government will not be toppled and replaced with a puppet. So, USA, why you still in Syria?

#NoWarInSyria #NoWar #GetOutOfSyria