Why did the American Army just help ISIS in Syria?

Why is America killing the army that’s fighting ISIS?


On June 18th 2017, it was reported that America downed yet another jet belonging to the Syrian army that was fighting against the Islamic extremists of ISIS. So not only is America in Syria illegally, but they are killing men that are trying to rid their own country of Islamic terrorists as well as many civilians.

Is any other American disturbed by this?

Why is America fighting along side with ISIS when they tell us they are fighting ISIS and ISIS is the enemy? They’ve made is clear they have armed “rebels” which is the same thing is ISIS/Islamic extremists. Don’t let semantics fool you. Why else would they kill the men that are fighting ISIS in their own country ? Nobody asked America and all of the allies it will bring, to come to Syria.

The fact is, by downing the Syrian army jet America is helping ISIS. Surely I’m not the only person disturbed by this. We have been hearing for years that ISIS is the enemy and America is fighting ISIS. So why fighting WITH them? It’s maddening.

Donald Trump was very much against America meddling and invading Syria before he became President as is evident in his old tweets. Since he became President, the evil Shadow Government aka Deep State must have gotten to him. He has not kept his promise to the American people that America will stay out of Syria, stop meddling in the whole world, and focus on the issues we have here at home, such as health care, which is a very important issue by the way.

I think that nothing will stop the war at this point unless The People, you know, us, the regular people of America get really loud and start constantly bugging the hell out of the government and asking questions to the Commander in Chief, Donald Trump and the rest of our government why we are in Syria, why are we helping ISIS and demand that our troops get out of Syria!

Some Bible believers believe that a war against Damascus is inevitable because there is a prophecy in the book of Revelation that says Damascus will turn into a ruinous pile of rubble and the Deep State is hell bent on taking down Syria and it’s legitimate president. I don’t pretend to understand the book of Revelation. I’ve read it and it’s very confusing. Just because it says that Damascus will turn into a ruinous pile of rubble and many people will perish doesn’t mean that I’m going to start supporting nonsense wars and senseless deaths. It’s wrong and anyone who believes in the Bible can’t support these horrible, nonsense wars that America never should have gotten involved with.

Not to mention that President Assad is the only thing keeping the Christian Syrians alive. The oldest churches on planet Earth are in Syria today and the Syrian Christians worship in them. If America takes down Damascus, then the Islamic jihadis will murder all of the Christians the first chance they get. Guaranteed. How can President Donald Trump call himself a Christian while letting us get dangerously close to taking down Damascus which will result in so many lost innocent lives, including the entire Christian community in Damascus. #StopTheWar #GetOutOfSyria #DontHelpIsis #KeepYourPromise #WhereIsTrump