Why I would have been the best Senior Adviser for President Trump

For whatever reason, Donald Trump made his son in law Jared Kushner his Senior Adviser. Maybe because he trusts him and wanted someone he trusts around him? Whatever the reason, Kushner as Senior Adviser was a horrible, terrible decision for many reasons. He’s a slum lord, he gives off a kind of creepy vibe, his voice…have you heard his voice? Those are just 3 reasons.

However I would have been the BEST SENIOR ADVISER to Donald Trump and some good, major changes and world wide shakeups would have happened.

#1. James Comey would have been fired on Day 1. He would have been fired in hour 1 actually. He’s a corrupt, phony, POS. I could overwhelmingly feel that and see that the very first time I saw Comey on the fake news before Trump was president. And there’s so many illegal and shady things he has done that I don’t want to even go into. Who investigates the FBI when the FBI director goes naughty? Comey was a cowardly giant who wanted to be J. Edgar Hoover.

#2. Mueller would be fired right after Comey. Mueller is just as corrupt as Comey. He wouldn’t be allowed to do a fake investigation on anything. He wouldn’t have any job in the government. He’d be fired right away. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt and deep in the Deep State. In fact I’d have the CIA kidnap him and put him in Guantanamo Bay so he couldn’t cause anymore trouble. Thanks Patriot Act!

#3. Trump would have a team of mercenaries with him 24/7. Whether they are mercenaries from the CIA or mercenaries from Black Water, he’d have a group of mercenaries around him at all times. Whenever anyone from the Shadow government or Deep State or whatever you want to call it came to give Trump orders or whatever, they’d be shot on sight. Every single person in the evil Deep State who spoke to Trump would be shot on sight and the Deep State would be greatly weakened, frightened, and hopefully put out of business.

#4. I would start a new TV channel called The REAL news. No more lying corporate owned mainstream media to brainwash people of the lies they want the people to believe. The real news, the important stuff, that the mainstream media does not tell you would be shown. The rest of the sleeping would all wake up.

#5. All troops would be pulled out of Syria and Jordan immediately.

#6. Relations with Saudi Arabia would be cut off and Saudi Arabia would be sanctioned. If we bomb any more countries, Saudi Arabia would be the first to be bombed. CIA agents would kidnap Saudi princes and put them in their many oversees torture camps.

#7. Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey would all be in prison.

#8. There would be full investigations into all deaths in the “Clinton Body Count”. All of the mysterious deaths of people that got on the wrong side of the Clinton’s would be fully investigated. The child trafficking that Hillary did would be investigated and no longer kept hush hush. Everyone involved in any cover ups or lack of investigation of the crime’s the Clintons committed would be arrested for obstruction of justice.

#9. Julian Assange would be freed immediately. Enough said. We live in a world where the masses are inundated with lies and people that tell the truth are punished and killed.

#10. Relations with Russia would be normal.

#11. Marijuana will be legal.

#12. Area 51 will be declassified. Yes, the government has known very well of aliens for a long time.

#13. The Bush family will be arrested for war crimes. 9/11 will be declassified. The braindead will be shocked. In fact, the whole Bush family would be kidnapped and transported to Guantanamo Bay for the rest of their lives. Thanks Patriot Act! Since Bush made the Patriot Act, stripping Americans of all rights and giving the government absolute power, wouldn’t that be an ironic yet happy ending?

#14. Rex Tillerson would never have been appointed under me. He’s was a CEO of an OIL COMPANY! Exxon Mobile! He’s in bed with Saudi Arabia and a war monger. So Rex Tillerson would be fired and whoever recommended him or flat out told Trump to appoint him would be shot on sight.

#15. Scary a$$ war monger Mark Milley would be shot on sight. He’s pure evil, part of the Deep State, wants America to go straight to all out war, and wants to bring martial law after the war to herald in the One World Order. He’s just too scary to even deal with.

#16. The bank that’s privately owned by the Rothschild family in Europe and controls America and is so illegal and dirty would be bombed. The name of this privately owned by a trillionaire European family is called the Federal Reserve. It’s not Federal. And there’s no reserve. President Kennedy was the only president who had the guts to do this and he was murdered for it. Anyone that opposes this would be Deep State and shot on sight. I hope the whole Deep State in America would be wiped out. America would such a great place without those demons controlling everything and doing evil to everybody all day and night.

#17. Any fake news anchor that incited mass hysteria by perpetuating that stupid lie about Russia hacking the election would be rounded up and transported to Guantanamo Bay for the rest of their lives. Thanks Patriot Act! The government has been trying to mind control the masses for a long time as declassified documents show and has scary technology, but perhaps the masses aren’t as brainwashed as you had hoped. The fact is the only people that hacked the election was the DNC.

#18. Speaking of the DNC, poodle hair woman Debbie Wasserman Shultz would be arrested and everyone in the DNC that helped in hacking the election for Hillary would be arrested. No, that’s too much trouble. They’d all be rounded up and shipped to Guantanamo Bay too. Thanks Patriot Act!

#19. There would be no more George Soros. And with that so much evil would be taken out of the world.

And the world would be much better place! It would become a wonderful, beautiful and happy place.

Just think. If only I were Trump’s Senior Adviser.